Vex Robotics at St. Petersburg College

We were unable to compete at the VRC Tampa Preparatory event due to a miscommunication so the Vex team headed to St. Petersburg College (SPC) and provided demostrations to Tech Demo attendees! It was a huge success and the young kids learned about the engineering behind the robots and were given the opportunity to drive the robot. The faculty of SPC were very impressed and appreciated the time they spent with the kids at the event.


  • spcdemo
  • img_7093
  • img_7091
  • img_7088
  • img_7087
  • img_7086
  • img_7084
  • img_7071
  • img_7068
  • img_7063
  • img_7061
  • img_7059
  • img_6991
  • img_7019


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